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So last night I saw Coldplay, with my friends Ryley, Laurel and Jessica. This was a birthday gift for Jessica and I from Laurel and Ryley. My mother was also there with our friend Shannon for her birthday. When we arrived we immediately went to get a drink while in line this random dude asked if anyone wanted floor seats. I said okay and he just handed me two. Since there was four of us these were no good. So I immediately made my mum meet me right away and when she finally got to me I handed her and Shannon these floor seats. Needless to say I made their night and made them very happy. They were sitting up at the top, four rows away from the very very very back. Now they were 6 rows back from walkway off the stage where the “X” was. In the end I sat up at the top incredibly happy with giving my mum those tickets and the fact that Coldplay was amazing. I think I deserve a Best Son Ever Award. >_